Boundless deliver Education Workshops in Schools, Sport Centres, Stage Schools and Youth Clubs on both weekdays and weekends.

Boundless have delivered workshops covering ALL GENRES and ALL AGES for both ABLED AND LESS-ABLED BODIES.



Some of the genres Boundless have delivered are: Contemporary Dance, Street/Urban Dance, Jive, Salsa, Paso Doble, Russian Cossack, African Dance, Indian Dance, The Waltz, Rock 'n' Roll, Carnival, Chinese Dance, Musical Theatre (acting and singing workshops also avaliable) and many more.



Boundless has delivered workshops during 'BOOK WEEK', 'INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES WEEK', 'SPORTS WEEK', 'CREATIVE ARTS WEEK', 'TRAVELLING WEEK' and many more.



Boundless Dance also teaches all aspects of both the GCSE DANCE and GCSE DRAMA courses as well as the BTEC ACTING DIPLOMA.



*If you are looking for something new and interesting within your school that isn't listed above please do contact us and we can develop a personal programme specifically for your School's requirements!*

For future reference please visit for future