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The workshop will begin by introducing your son/daughter to contemporary dance through fun games and exercises. He/she will then learn a set piece, inspired by a well-known contemporary dance, (such as Matthew Bourne’s ‘Swan Lake’), before exploring different techniques used to choreograph their own piece, either individually or in groups, (their choice!) There will be an informal sharing of work at the end of the day.

Either way if your child is new to the Arts or has plentiful experience then please sign them up for a fun and enjoyable time with Boundless where expereince isn't necessary but a love to learn, perform and get creative is.

PRICE: £25


What’s the structure of the CHOREO:LAB day?

Both days will start with children warming up through interactive games and learning contemporary dance warm-up routines.

On day 1 the children will be taught a choreographed routine, inspired by a well-known contemporary dance such as Matthew Bourne’s ‘Swan Lake’. They will be introduced to different choreography techniques as they are being taught the set routine before exploring these techniques for themselves in preparation for choreographing their own piece, (this will either be individual or group choreography – your child will choose!)

Day 2 will see the children finalise their own choreography before adding it to the set routine as taught on day 1. 

Day 2 will end with an informal sharing of the work produced over the two days.


What should my child wear for CHOREO:LAB?

Your child should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. It is not recommended that dresses or skirts are worn but if this is your child’s preferred option, please ensure leggings, cycling shorts, skorts or something similar are worn underneath as children will be moving around on the floor. Trainers, jazz shoes and other dance appropriate shoes are not required as children will be dancing in bare feet.


What else will my child need?

Your child will require a water bottle, (not glass please and preferably one that can be refilled), as well as a packed lunch and healthy snack, (no nuts please). A small note book and pencil may prove useful should your child wish to make notes or sketches, particularly when choreographing their own piece.


To book this fun and fantastic Half Term event please download and complete the form below; this can returned by email to

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